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Our Knowledge Overview

Our Timetable - Term 6

Phonics Monday

Watch - 

Then read the words in the PowerPoint, and have a go at one of the sheets.

English Monday:


Write a character description of the Troll from the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Topic Monday - Draw a picture of King John signing the Magna Carta

English Tuesday - 


Find the names of the planets in our Solar System. 

Choose 3 Planets and find 3 facts about each. 

Phonics Tuesday:

Practice reading and spelling the 'tricky' words: some, come, were, there

How many times can you write each word correctly in 1 minute. 

Write a sentence using at least one of these words. 

PE Tuesday - 

Complete a Joe Wicks workout. 

English Wednesday:


Choose 3 different planets and write 3 facts about each. 

Maths Wednesday - Problem Solving: Have a go at 3-4 of these problems. Remember to write the calculation.

Topic Wednesday:

Draw a picture and write a sentence to describe 'autocracy'.

Draw a picture and write a sentence to describe 'democracy'.