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NURSTEED Community Primary School

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Geography is led by Miss. Kennedy.


At Nursteed our aim is to allow children to explore interactions between people and the environment which they live and depend on. Here geography helps to prepare children for like in the 21st century with all of its currently unknown possibilities. 


Our Geography Curriculum


The geography curriculum from Early Years to Year 6 stimulates pupils' interest in their surroundings and and in the variety of human and physical geography conditions on the earth's surface. It aims to foster pupils' sense of wonder in the natural beauty around them and to develop a sense of concern about the quality of our environment. We want children to foster a sense of responsibility for the care of the earth and its people. Geography enables children to study a range of places, environments and and cultures. Whilst learning of all this, children will be developing the skills needed to interpret, synthesise and hypothesise. This will be supported by a variety of geographical sources including atlases, computers and ariel photographs. 



From EYFS through to Year 6 we aim to carry out fieldwork to support childrens' understanding of geograhpy. This includes welly walks, visits to the schools' wild area as well as visits to local areas of interst. 


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