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What Parents Think

We're keen to know what parents think of their child's school experience.

We regularly ask parents so we know what's going well and what we could do better. Every year parents have the chance to give feedback. The results of the most recent opportunities can be found below.


There's also a response from the school's governors about what parents have said this year.

Message from the school governors

"Thank you for all the responses you gave to the questionnaires handed out this year. We're always very keen to hear what you think of our school. It enables us to do more of what you'd like us to do and address those things that you'd like us to improve. You can see all the comments that have been made in the summary documents above. We thought you'd appreciate a short response from us too.


It's very clear that you think Nursteed is a great school, with good, friendly staff and an active and effective friends network (FoNS). You strongly appreciate the efforts that the school makes to communicate with you, to welcome you and your children at the start and end of the school day, the Class Dojo messages and regular sharing assemblies.


Regarding the things you'd like us to do better...


We regret there is little that we can do about extra parking: the school site is what it is and offers no scope for expansion.


We pride ourselves on our rural setting as we believe that giving children space to exercise and let off steam is vital for strong, healthy bodies and minds. More activities for children featured in your list and we will see what can be done about this... as ever the constraint is resources and the time and space available. We want to nurture young talent and give children as wide experience as possible.


A few people suggested provision of before- and after-school care. We recognise that you all live busy lives and that some additional help at the beginning and end of the day might be appreciated. This is, however, something that is difficult for the school to provide and probably prohibitively expensive to run. Providing a suitable space would be difficult and would certainly clash with school-run after-school clubs. Therefore, we do not currently expect to be able to fulfill this particular wish. (Care is available from local off-site providers. Please ask for details from the school office if this is of interest.)


Some of you asked for more individual feedback. It's always the case that if you have points you wish to discuss about your child's progress you can speak to his/her class teacher. Indeed we actively encourage this.


We were heartened by your views about the school's homework policy. On the whole you seem to think we've got the balance right. One or two of you went so far as to say that it was enjoyable, though this was balanced by one or two others who objected to it on principle!


Thank you once again for your views. They are an enormous help to us. And please don;t forget that we, Mr. Heath and class teachers are always happy to hear from you."