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NURSTEED Community Primary School

‘Together We Achieve More’


Nursteed Community Primary School is a terrific place to belong. It’s a welcoming community, where children are given a wealth of rich, challenging learning experiences. We provide a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum to give children the understanding, skills and attitudes needed now, and in the future.


Nursteed School is an attractive modern school. We serve the community on the south-east of Devizes.

We enjoy outstanding facilities in a light, spacious building. Children are taught in seven classes, one for each primary school age group. Classrooms lead off a wide central shared area. This is used for individual and group-teaching activities, and for storing shared resources. Part of the shared area is equipped as a library, used by all classes. Laptop computers and tablets are used by all classes and are a flexible and integral part of many lessons. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard. Toilets and cloakrooms are located next to each classroom for easy access during the day.
The school’s grounds are attractively landscaped with a conservation area and large playing field with adventure equipment, plus a hard-surface playground.
The school was designed to be used by the local community. It has a very large hall, a small community kitchen for preparing and serving refreshments, a meeting room, and the hard play area is floodlit for evening use. These facilities are used regularly by local community groups out of school hours.
The planned number on roll is 210, 30 children in each of seven classes. Each class contains children from one school year group.
The school receives valuable support from parents and the wider community and there is an active friends’ association that raises funds and organizes social events.