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Tuesday 23rd February


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



LI: Retrieve information from the story.


You have two tasks:

  1. Re-read Chapter 3 of ‘Mary Anning and the Time Twister’.  (Either log in to Purple Mash to read as a 2Do or see PDF of chapter below)
  2. Answer the SPAG questions below. (Today’s video will help you with this.)
  3. Answer the open-ended questions below.



LI: Use similes


‘Describing Dinosaurs’ – This tasks is set as a 2Do on Purple Mash but you can do it with a pencil and paper if you prefer. Write a list of similes that could be used to describe the dinosaur that terrified the children in Chapter 3.

Similes are used to describe something by comparing one thing to another. For example: ‘a huge tail like a slide in a playground’ or ‘legs as thick as tree trunks’. You could write similes about the dinosaur’s legs, skin, sound, movement, teeth and tail. Can you think of a simile to describe how the dinosaur made Jasmine feel?



LI: Measure length


Please watch the learning video on this link


Then complete the worksheets. Try to do these on ClassDojo if you can so you can complete them on screen and save to your portfolio. You can also find them here, though. Remember, if it is very tricky you can do just the first worksheet but challenge yourself as much as you can!



LI: Use click events and collisions in Coding


Today you will combine some of your previous skills with programming a monkey to jump and catch. You will also help to fix a program and make your own jungle story.


Your task is set as a 2Do in Purple Mash.


Times Tables practise


LI: Practise rapid recall of multiplication and division facts



Just select the sheet below for the times tables you are working on and have a practise. If you and your parents/ teacher think you're ready to move on as we go forward then please do - you'll be able to amaze me with your progress after lockdown!