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Monday 7.2.22



LI: Retrieve information from the story


 Today we will begin our new Class Story and I have chosen one which links very closely to our Science focus, ‘Rocks and Fossils’. It’s called ‘Mary Anning and the Time Twister’. As you know, Mary Anning is a very important historical figure when it comes to fossils!

Today I would like you to read Chapter 1 of this story and then answer some multiple choice and sequencing questions. You can read the chapter and complete the activities on Purple Mash, you will find them in your 2Dos. If you are unable to access Purple Mash you coulduse the documents below.


Log into Purple Mash, you have three 2Dos:


  1. Read Chapter 1
  2. Answer the multiple choice questions. You can find all the answers in the first chapter you have read. These questions can be done online, they are set as a ‘2Do’. Or you can print the questions and answer on paper. The document is below.
  3. Sequence the events from the chapter in order. You can view or print this task below.


Alternatively, the chapter is saved as a PDF below.



LI: Write a time travel story


Last Wednesday we made notes about the main events in each part of the story, 'Stone Age Boy'. We organised the story in to 5 parts: Beginning, Build-up, Problem, Resolution, Ending. Then on Thursday we created a plan for writing our own story. We made notes about what would happen in each of the 5 sections in our own versions. On Friday we wrote the Beginning part of our own story and we wrote it in the first person, so as the main character.


Today, I would like you to write the build-up section of the story, in which you'll describe the setting you have fallen into and the characters you meet. I'd like you to think about all of the things that happened to Boy after he found himself in the Stone Age. Think about who he met, all of the things he saw and what he learned about life in the Stone Age. Using your plans to help you, write about what happens next in your own story. You may choose to include all of the same things that were in 'Stone Age Boy' such as how they made tools, clothes and fire or you might prefer to write about other aspects of life in the Stone Age that you witness. 


Remember, we are writing our stories in the first person, so you will be writing as if you are the main character, using words like I, me and my.



LI: Identify non-unit fractions


On Friday, we worked with unit fractions, where the numerator (number at the top) is 1. Today we will work with non-unit fractions, where the numerator is not 1. Please watch the video lesson using the link below and complete the worksheets.


LI: Practise 'Calm me' time

As you know, at the beginning of our PSHE lessons, we have 'Calm me time' to help our minds calm down so that we are ready to learn. Below is an audio of the Jigsaw Families Calm me time, which can be used at home. It would be great for your child, together with others in the family if possible, to enjoy this calming 6 min session before then completing the following activity.



Part of coping with times of change or stress is ensuring that the way you see the situation is through a positive mindset. This means looking for opportunities in every situation, no matter how challenging or difficult they are. This approach can help you to:

  • see life in a different way;
  • think about the priorities in your life;
  • value people over ‘things’;
  • remember what is important in your life;
  • know how important your health and wellbeing are; and
  • know how important it is to love others and be loved.


Complete the pyramid below. Think about where you would put each of the different things in your own pyramid.

Discuss this with someone else in your house and see if there are areas where you feel the same and areas where you differ.