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Friday 22nd January

Reading and English

We have now finished our English work based on ‘Dreaming the Unicorn’ and we are going to stick with the theme of mythical creatures and start working with a text called ‘The Truth about Trolls’. This is written in the style of an information text. I will introduce this to in more detail next week but for today I would like you to become familiar with it by completing these tasks.


LI: Find the meanings of words from context

Read through ‘The Truth about Trolls’. You will notice that some of the words have a bold font. Your task is to use the worksheet provided to try to find out the meaning of these words by context – by reading around them.


LI: Use adjectives to describe nouns

We are going to investigate some of the words and phrases that help you to write interesting information texts. Today we will focus on adjectives and in challenge 2 we will use alliteration too, where our adjectives in a list will begin with the same letter.

Complete the activities on the two worksheets to write your own descriptions of trolls.



LI: Scaling


Please watch the learning video on this link


Then complete the worksheets. Try to do these on ClassDojo if you can so you can complete them on screen and save to your portfolio. You can also find them here, though. Remember, if it is very tricky you can do just the first worksheet but challenge yourself as much as you can!



1 - 1:30 Golden Time / Get logged in to TEAMS and ready for our live session!

1:30 TEAMS live session - I can't wait to see you and to share some of our work from the week that we are proud of.


Times Tables practise


LI: Practise rapid recall of multiplication and division facts



Just select the sheet below for the times tables you are working on and have a practise. If you and your parents/ teacher think you're ready to move on as we go forward then please do - you'll be able to amaze me with your progress after lockdown!