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Friday 5th March


Spellings and handwriting

LI: Practise common exception spellings


Please complete both a spellings word search and handwriting practise sheet this morning. For Year 3 and 4 key words, which most of us are on, choose group 2. For those who find these too tricky at the moment, you can choose the Year 2 key words option, group 1.


LI: Create a character profile

Live TEAMS lesson


Read Chapter 5 of The BFG - the chapter is also called 'The BFG'!

Then use the template below to create a character profile for the BFG. Look back at the story so far to help you do this in detail. Use some of your own ideas as well. You could use a thesaurus to generate more adjectives.




LI: What is perimeter?

For today’s lesson activity, you will need a pencil and paper, there are no worksheets today.

Please follow the link below for the video lesson.


PM Golden Time!

You’ve worked really hard so enjoy some Golden Time this afternoon!


I cannot wait to see you all back at school next week - we'll have lots of fun!