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Thursday 4th February



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Purple Mash


Purple Mash




Class Dojo



PE – see website



Reading for pleasure and

5 minute maths



LI: Retrieve information from the story.


Please log in to Purple Mash to continue our work on Chapter 1 of ‘Mary Anning and the Time Twister’. You have three 2Dos:


  1. Re-read Chapter 1 of our Class Story, ‘Mary Anning and the Time Twister’.


  1. Answer some SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) questions relating to the chapter.


  1. Answer some 'open-ended' questions about the chapter. Please write full sentences to answer these questions with reasons to support your answers. You can refer to things that have happened in the story in your answers.


Still image for this video



LI: Write a recount

In Chapter 1 of ‘Mary Anning and the Time Twister’, the children went on a school trip to Lyme Regis. Today I would like you to cast your minds back and write about a trip that you have been on with your class when you were younger. If you haven’t been on that class trip then write about a trip you went on with your family and friends.

Please log in to Purple Mash and you will find a '2Do' for this task. On the left side of the screen you will see some key words. If you hover over these, they will give you a tip for what to include in your writing and on the right side of the screen there are some clip art images you can use if you wish.


If you would prefer to do this with a pencil and paper, here are some key questions to consider:

When did you go on the trip and where did you go? 

How long did it take to get there and what did you do on your journey?

What were your first impressions when you arrived at your destination? Were you excited or unimpressed - why?

Describe some of the activities you took part in. What was your most memorable moment and what was your least favourite part - why?

If you could choose the destination of your next trip, where would it be and why?




LI: Make Tally Charts


Please watch the learning video on this link


Then complete the worksheets. Try to do these on ClassDojo if you can so you can complete them on screen and save to your portfolio. You can also find them here, though. Remember, if it is very tricky you can do just the first worksheet but challenge yourself as much as you can!


Here is another lesson from PH Sports for you to follow at home.



Times Tables practise 

LI: Practise rapid recall of multiplication and division facts


Just select the sheet below for the times tables you are working on and have a practise. If you and your parents/ teacher think you're ready to move on as we go forward then please do - you'll be able to amaze me with your progress after lockdown!