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Thursday 10.2.22



Today we will be editing our stories. Editing is an extremely important part of writing for all authors. It gives us a chance to correct errors and improve the quality of our writing. I know you are all developing great 'purple polishing' skills at school and I'd like you to do your best editing today, thinking about the following points.

1. Check that all sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Do all of your sentences make good sense or do you need to re-write anything?

2. Check if you have used exclamation marks and question marks. If not, can you find a good place to add these in to your story.

3. If there is speech in your story, have you ued inverted commas before and after the spoken words?

4. Powerful vocabulary - push yourself to improve your word choices. For example, if you have used adjectives like nice or good, replace them with something more descriptive. You could use a thesaurus if you have one or even search for an online thesaurus if your parents/carers give you permission. Have you used adverbs to describe your verbs. For example, he silently stared or slowly ran.

5. Finally, have a look for any spellings that you could check. You might be able to correct some independently if you spot an error or use a dictionary/ask a grown up to check really tricky words.


Well done! Once you have finished editing, you will be ready to publish your story tomorrow.