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Wednesday 24th February

Spellings and handwriting


This week, we will do Spellings and Handwriting today rather than Friday. Today we will move on to the next key words. All activities will have an option for Year 3 and 4  words which most of us are on and for those who find these too tricky at the moment, you can choose the Year 2 key words option.

Please complete both a spellings word search and handwriting practise sheet this morning.



LI: Write a biography


Please watch the video below for today's English lesson. You will be writing a biography about an imaginary future you!

This task is set as a 2Do in Purple Mash.


Still image for this video



LI: Measure length (m)


Please watch the learning video on this link


Then complete the worksheets. Try to do these on ClassDojo if you can so you can complete them on screen and save to your portfolio. You can also find them here, though. Remember, if it is very tricky you can do just the first worksheet but challenge yourself as much as you can!


LI: Practise 'Calm me' time

When we all return to school, we will be launching a new PSHE programme called Jigsaw. At the beginning of our lessons, we will have 'Calm me time' to help our minds calm down so that we are ready to learn. Below is an audio of the Jigsaw Families Calm me time, which can be used at home. It would be great for your child, together with others in the family if possible, to enjoy this calming 6 min session before then completing the following activity.


Part of coping with times of change or stress is ensuring that the way you see the situation is through a positive mindset. This means looking for opportunities in every situation, no matter how challenging or difficult they are. This approach can help you to:

  • see life in a different way;
  • think about the priorities in your life;
  • value people over ‘things’;
  • remember what is important in your life;
  • know how important your health and wellbeing are; and
  • know how important it is to love others and be loved.


Complete the pyramid below. Think about where you would put each of the different things in your own pyramid.

Discuss this with someone else in your house and see if there are areas where you feel the same and areas where you differ.

Times Tables practise


LI: Practise rapid recall of multiplication and division facts


Just select the sheet below for the times tables you are working on and have a practise. If you and your parents/ teacher think you're ready to move on as we go forward then please do - you'll be able to amaze me with your progress after lockdown!