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Wednesday 3rd March


LI: Retrieve information from a story


Read Chapter 3, ‘The Snatch’. Then find the correct part of the chapter to find answers to the questions below.


1. What did the giant do to the blanket Sophie was in?

2. Look through the chapter and find as many words or phrases for fast movement as you can.

3. What happened as soon as the giant had rearranged the blanket and picked up his suitcase?


Challenge: Imagine you are Sophie. Name 3 questions that might be in your head.



LI: Write a report

Imagine you are a child in Sophie’s orphanage and you witnessed her being taken. The police have asked you to complete a witness incident form. Use the first sheet below to read your task and make a  few notes to plan your writing, then complete the incident form on the second sheet below.


Still image for this video


LI: Add Lengths

We continue our focus on length, today we will practise adding lengths. Please watch the video lesson on this link


Then complete the worksheets – if it’s very tricky you can choose to do just Worksheet 1.


LI: Practise 'Calm me' time

As explained in last week’s PSHE session, when we all return to school, we will be launching a new PSHE programme called Jigsaw. At the beginning of our lessons, we will have 'Calm me time' to help our minds calm down so that we are ready to learn. Below is an audio of the Jigsaw Families Calm me time, which can be used at home. It would be great for your child, together with others in the family if possible, to enjoy this calming 6 min session before then completing the following activity.


LI: Consider my future hopes and dreams


Use the sheet below to tell me about a hope or dream you have for the future. This may be something you hope for soon or a dream for far away in your future. You can choose to do this on plain paper, too, if you wish.

Times Tables practise


LI: Practise rapid recall of multiplication and division facts


Select the sheet below for the times tables you are working on.