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Monday 1st March

World Book Day is on 4th March, so this week we will have a special World Book Week, with our lessons and activities linked to our class story, The BFG.

We have already read the first few short chapters together but as we started a while ago, we will re-read a chapter each day and then do activities based on the chapter.

I will provide a link to a printable version of each chapter each day but you can also read the whole story using this link:



LI: Infer information from a story


Read Chapter 1, ‘The Witching Hour’. Then use your inference skills to answer these questions.


1. Why did Sophie get out of bed?

2. What does the phrase in bold tell you how Sophie was feeling: ‘Sophie allowed her eyes to travel...’

3. What ideas are we given about the village street?

4. How did Sophie react to what she saw?


Challenge: Write 3 questions that you think might be in Sophie’s head at the end of the chapter.



LI: Write a character profile

Missing! Please help! In Chapter 1, Sophie is kidnapped by the BFG from her dormitory one night. Create a missing notice using the worksheet provided or use it to help you make a Missing poster – try to include as much information as you can find in the chapter about Sophie and the events.


Still image for this video


LI: Compare Lengths



LI: Increase scale in coding


Today, you will play Superheroes – practise your existing skills to make them fly, appear and disappear. Then learn how to increase the scale of your superheores (make them larger).

Superheroes is set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.

Times Tables practise


LI: Practise rapid recall of multiplication and division facts


Select the sheet below for the times tables you are working on.