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Thursday 3.2.22



LI: Retrieve information

Please read the text and then answer the comprehension questions using your reading skills. The file contains three versions of the text which increase in level of difficulty so choose the one that best suits you. The answers are also there so that a grown up can check you work for you if they wish. 



Today we will plan our own Stone Age time travel story, based on the structure of Stone Age Boy. We will keep many elements of the story the same, including travelling back in time to the Stone Age but change a few details, too. In this story I would like you to be the main character so you will be writing in the first person, eg I tripped and found myself falling down. (Remember that when we write I as a personal pronoun it should always be a capital letter).

So think about these questions and then make notes on the worksheet.

How will you get transported to the Stone age?
Will you trip over an item like Boy?
Build up
What will you see or do in the Stone age?
How will these things be different?
Who will you meet?
What event is going to happen which will allow you to transport forwards in time and get back home?
What action will trigger your transportation?
How will you reflect on what has happened?
Will you miss anything from the Stone age?
Is there a twist to the story?
This could be a Stone-Age item being taken back to the present by accident!



This week in Maths we will be learning about fractions. However, due to previous lockdowns, the children have missed out on much of their previous learning related to fractions. Therefore, we need to recap some Key Stage One learning as a foundation for the next steps. However, I think the children will work through this very quickly so I have decided to cover 2 areas each day this week.

So I will assign 2 lesson videos and sets of worksheets each day, but for children who are completely secure, you may choose to ask them to do just the 2nd sheet for each lesson. 


  1. Recognise a third  

2) Find a third  



In music this term, we are learning about pulse and metre. In our first lesson we focused on 'Understanding Pulse and Rhythm'. Today's lesson is 'Exploring 4 beats in a bar'. Today, Mr Palekar at Oak National Academy will be teaching you on this link:

I'm sure you will enjoy this and I look forward to more fun music lessons back in school!




Our theme in French this term is 'All About Me'. We have already learned some Classroom instructions that we can continue to use in class and today we will learn how to say parts of the body in French. When we are all back together we will have some fun lessons to recap our learning but for now I would like you to have a look through the powerpoint presentation on the link below and complete the worksheet activity to begin your learning. The worksheets are differentiated so you can choose the level of difficulty that best suits you.