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Tuesday 1.2.22



LI: Retrieve information

Please read the text and then answer the comprehension questions using your reading skills. The file contains three versions of the text which increase in level of difficulty so choose the one that best suits you. The answers are also there so that a grown up can check you work for you if they wish. 

This file also has an extra reading comprehension at the end about Skara Brae but you don't need to complete that one!


LI: Use capital letters correctly.

We will be focusing on using capital letters correctly today. As well as always using a capital letter at the start of a sentence we should also use a capital letter at the start of names for both people and places as well as companies and festivals. We should also use a capital letter for days of the week and months of the year. 

Please have a good look at this poster about using capital letters for proper nouns and complete the activity below.



This week in Maths we will be learning about fractions. However, due to previous lockdowns, the children have missed out on much of their previous learning related to fractions. Therefore, we need to recap some Key Stage One learning as a foundation for the next steps. However, I think the children will work through this very quickly so I have decided to cover 2 areas each day this week.

So I will assign 2 lesson videos and sets of worksheets each day, but for children who are completely secure, you may choose to ask them to do just the 2nd sheet for each lesson. 

1) Recognise a half





We will have a PE lesson this afternoon so choose a physical activity of your choice to get some exercise. You could design a fitness circuit or work out session or ask your parents to help you find a suitable activity on Youtube such as Cosmic Yoga or PE with Joe (Joe Wicks).