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Monday 31.1.22



LI: Retrieve information

Please read the text and then answer the comprehension questions using your reading skills.


LI: Find contractions


We have previously learned about using an apostrophe for contractions, e.g. can't didn't

Today I would like you to read this passage from 'Stone Age Boy' and find all of the contractions. Then write these words down along with the two original words. eg can't - can not

Remember an apostrophe is also used to show possession so not every apostrophe will be in a contraction!



This week in Maths we will be learning about fractions. However, due to previous lockdowns, the children have missed out on much of their previous learning related to fractions. Therefore, we need to recap some Key Stage One learning as a foundation for the next steps. However, I think the children will work through this very quickly so I have decided to cover 2 areas each day this week.

So I will assign 2 lesson videos and sets of worksheets each day, but for children who are completely secure, you may choose to ask them to do just the 2nd sheet for each lesson. 


1) Working with wholes and parts (This lesson video has no worksheet, you will just need a pencil and paper.)

2) Make Equal Parts




In History we are learning about changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Please watch these videos that give you an overview of the different eras within this historical period.


Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic)  

New Stone Age(Neoloithic)  

Bronze Age  

Iron Age


Then, please complete this activity to match each card with it's pair. You can either cut them all out and organise them in to pairs or just draw a line from each era to the correct description.